Împreună spunem povestea voluntariatului din România!

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Henri Koblischke On July - 25 - 2016

You know already a lot about EVS, how to find projects and how the application process works. In this final article, you’ll read about important logistical issues you should take into consideration before leaving. What belongs in your bag and how to deal with the insurance?

Most importantof all: Ask yourself what you need for sure and what is optional. Follow this rule and you’ll manage to pack your bag without any major difficulties. Moreover, contact the hosting organization in order to figure out what is useful, both, in your location and in your project.

One apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you can’t find apples,  here’s what you have to do if you need medical treatment. Follow the advices below and you’ll probably stay alive.

Stay safe and sound

Bag packed, got the insurance? Perfect, now nothing stays between you and your amazing EVS. Nothing? No, how your EVS will develop depends (not only, but significantly) on you and your attitude. How do you behave? What do you do if your project is different than expected?

Look on our previous article where we presented the hosting organization’s point of view. The EVS coordinator explained HO’s point of view:

Basically, as a volunteer you’re supposed to “act like a volunteer”. Show your desire to help in various situations. Moreover, you’re expected to be proactive. It’s about “not always asking and claiming but helping doing.” -Razvan Sassu.

What does this mean? A volunteer should help and improve,  come up with solutions on his own and run activities. Also, have always in mind that you’ll only spend a limited time in this country, so don’t delay and postpone things. Therefore, take the initiative: suggest new activities, share your ideas and do your best under all circumstances. It’s better for you and the local community, a win-win situation.

Let’s discover which attitudes EVS volunteers find useful and what not. Listen to useful advices they have for you…

It is impossible to handle all this stuff all alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it this way! The HO offers you support and help when not all looks like unicorns and rainbows. As said before, be honest and open as much as possible with the HO staff and in particular with your mentor. Talk about your fears, thoughts and feelings. In this case, everything should be fixed soon.

From our own experience, we know it’s not easy leave your family, friends and country and sometimes challenging yourself it’s like climbing a mountain. The process is hard, but once you summited it’s amazing! Now you have all information and best conditions to get started. Go for EVS and enjoy the best time of your life!

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